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Hello there, I’m SEO Consultant Chris Lever. Based in Manchester, United Kingdom. I’m available to hire as a freelancer by the hour.

Senior-level experienced SEO Consultant available to hire to collaborate on short-term and long-term projects. Highly experienced in eCommerce, Technical & Local SEO strategies. Covering touchpoints all the way through from strategy to implementation.


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SEO Consultant

Firstly, is it a freelancer that you are looking to hire or an agency?

Hi there, I’m Chris Lever a freelance SEO consultant. With 10+ years experience within the digital marketing industry. Within that time I have amassed plenty of knowledge in executing and implementing SEO strategies.

I work with all sizes of businesses to help deliver results that leads to increased conversions, revenue and enquiries. I have expertise in eCommerce and lead-generation digital marketing campaigns. Covering technical SEO, International SEO, site tracking and UX. Reach out for a friendly no-obligation discussion on how I can help to improve the results for your brand.

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