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Robots.txt Generator

The Robots.txt Generator is a online tool that simplifies creating robots.txt files for website owners, SEO consultants and webmasters. It offers an easy-to-use interface, supports popular bots like Googlebot and BingBot, and allows custom User-agents.

Free Robots.txt Generator Tool

The free advanced Robots.txt Generator is a user-friendly web-based tool designed to help website owners and webmasters easily create a robots.txt file for their websites. The generator provides an intuitive interface for specifying bot access rules and supports multiple common bots, including Googlebot, BingBot, and AppleBot. Users can also add custom User-agents, paste URLs, and create both Allow and Disallow rules for each bot. This tool makes it simple to generate a properly formatted robots.txt file that adheres to web crawler guidelines, ensuring smooth indexing and optimal search engine performance for your website.


  • Intuitive web-based interface for easy robots.txt generation
  • Support for multiple common bots, including Googlebot, BingBot, and AhrefsBot
  • Option to add custom User-agents
  • Pasting URLs directly into the tool
  • Ability to create both Allow and Disallow rules for each bot
  • Automatically generates properly formatted robots.txt content

How to use the Robots.txt Generator:

  1. Select one or more bots from the dropdown list, or add a custom User-agent in the input field
  2. For each bot, specify the Disallow rules by pasting or typing the URLs you want to block in the Disallow input field
  3. For each bot, specify the Allow rules by pasting or typing the URLs you want to grant access in the Allow input field
  4. Click the "Generate robots.txt" button to create the robots.txt content based on your input
  5. Copy the generated content from the readonly textarea and save it as a robots.txt file on your web server
  6. Ensure that the robots.txt file is placed in the root directory of your website so that search engine crawlers can find and follow the rules

While using the Robots.txt Generator tool can streamline the process of creating a robots.txt file for your website, it's essential to understand the potential risks and follow best practices to avoid any negative impact on your website's search engine visibility and indexing. An improperly configured robots.txt file can inadvertently block search engine crawlers from accessing essential parts of your site or allow access to sensitive information. Therefore, it's crucial to double-check the generated rules before implementing the robots.txt file on your server.

One best practice is to always start with a simple robots.txt configuration and gradually expand the rules as needed. This approach ensures that you don't unintentionally block or allow access to specific areas of your site. Test your robots.txt file using the testing tools provided by search engines, such as Google Search Console's robots.txt Tester, to verify that your rules work as intended. Additionally, be cautious when using wildcard characters (*) and pattern matching in your rules, as they can sometimes lead to unexpected results. Make sure to monitor your website's search engine performance and crawl errors regularly to identify any issues arising from your robots.txt configuration.

"Effortlessly craft robots.txt files with the Robots.txt Generator. Making it incredibly easy to create and manage access rules for search engine bots."
Chris Lever - Technical SEO Consultant