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Organization Schema Generator

Our Organization Schema Generator, a tool designed to create custom JSON-LD schemas for your organization. Fill out the fields, generate your bespoke schema, and enhance your online visibility and SEO.

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Free Organization Schema Tool

Designed with a strong focus on efficiency and user-friendly experience, our Organization Schema Generator is an invaluable tool for web developers, SEO experts, and digital marketers. It allows you to construct a precise and compliant JSON-LD schema for an organization of any type, streamlining the process of including structured data in your website's code.

This tool supports a wide range of organization types and contact options, ensuring flexibility for varied needs. It allows you to include vital details such as name, URL, logo, social media links, contact points, and service areas, all of which can enhance your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) and foster a richer understanding of your organization among search engines and users alike. Harness the power of structured data with our Organization Schema Generator and make your digital presence more robust and informative.

How to Use the Organization Schema Generator

  1. Choose your organization's type from the "Organization Type" dropdown menu.
  2. Fill in your organization's name in the "Name" field.
  3. Input your organization's website URL in the "URL" field.
  4. Add the URL of your organization's logo in the "Logo URL" field.
  5. Include the URLs of your social media profiles in the "Social Media URLs" field. Multiple URLs should be separated by a comma.
  6. Input your customer service's telephone number in the "Telephone" field.
  7. Select the contact option provided by your organization in the "Contact Option" field.
  8. Specify the area served by your organization in the "Area Served" field.
  9. Specify the language available for customer service in the "Available Language" field.
  10. Upon filling out all the fields, the generator will instantly create your schema in the output box. Just copy and paste this schema into your webpage's HTML.