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    Welcome to the official page for the Network Inspector Chrome Extension.

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    Network Inspector is a lightweight, user-friendly Chrome extension that allows you to monitor, analyse, and debug network requests in real time. Whether you're a web developer, designer, or tech enthusiast, Network Inspector provides the insights you need to understand web traffic and improve your web applications' performance without the need to dive into DevTool.

    The extension was built purely to get to the data faster. It helps save time counting network requests, opening requests in new tabs, and determining the number of tracking scripts on a webpage for an active tab. In other words, this was built with Technical SEO in mind by a Tech SEO.

    Download from the Chrome Extensions store:

    Key Features of Network Inspector:​

    When you use Network Inspector, you gain access to a suite of powerful features:

    • Real-Time Monitoring: Instantly capture and display network requests as they happen. This feature ensures you're always aware of your web pages' activity, providing detailed insights into how they load and interact with servers.
    • Detailed Request Information: View comprehensive details about each network request, including the URL, status code, method, size, and duration. This detailed information helps you pinpoint issues and optimise performance.
    • File Type Categorization: Automatically categorise requests by file type (JS, CSS, HTML, images, fonts, videos, audio, JSON, XHR, and others). Each file type is colour-coded for easy identification, ensuring a clear and organised view of your network traffic.
    • Filtering and Sorting: To focus on what's important to you, filter requests by local and third-party resources or by specific file types. Sort requests by URL, status code, size, method, and duration to quickly find the data you need.
    • CSV Export: Export your network data to CSV for further analysis and reporting. This feature makes it easy to share insights and collaborate with your team.
    • Tooltips for Headers: Hover over headers to view detailed information about request headers, helping you understand the specifics of each request.

    Chrome Permissions:​

    To provide these robust features, Network Inspector requires certain permissions in Chrome. Here's why each permission is needed:

    • Host Permission: This allows the extension to monitor and analyse network requests on the websites you visit. It's essential for capturing network activity and providing you with detailed insights.
    • Tabs Permission: Needed to identify the active tab and ensure that network requests specific to that tab are monitored. This permission helps in providing accurate data relevant to your current browsing session.
    • WebRequest Permission: This is crucial for intercepting and analysing network requests. It enables the extension to gather detailed information such as URL, method, status, headers, and response data, which is vital for debugging and optimisation.
    • Storage Permission: The Network Inspector extension uses local storage to temporarily save network request data. This ensures that you can continue to view and analyse network requests even after navigating to a different tab or reloading the page.
    • No Remote Code Execution: Network Inspector does not execute any remote code. All code runs locally within the extension package to ensure security and integrity.
    Note: After adding the extension, you may need to toggle it in the extension settings page to make it visible in your browser's extension section.
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    Feedback and Support:​

    I believe in continuous improvement and value your feedback. If you have any suggestions for new features or enhancements, or if you encounter any issues while using Network Inspector, please leave a comment below. There are a few snags to improve on in future versions, but just as at present, they are only minor and should not stop you from using the extension as intended. Your input helps make Network Inspector better for everyone.

    Thank you for testing Network Inspector. Your support and feedback are invaluable. Comment below to share your thoughts and suggestions or report any issues you're experiencing.

    Download from the Chrome Extensions store:

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