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  • Complete list of Screaming Frog Pagespeed API Diagnostics & Metrics

    Some of you performing speed and performance audits using the Google pagespeed API hooked up to Screaming Frog may find this table useful. I find it useful for Vlookups against metrics and diagnostics when reporting back on speed audits using Lighthouse and Pagespeed API.

    Note: all API metrics are enabled to correctly sync the column letter and column number (dated July 2022).

    Example formula
    =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A8,Mobile!A:J,10,FALSE),"-") will reference Largest Contentful Paint Time (ms) in Column J.

    Col LetterCol No#Diagnostic/Metric
    B2PSI Status
    C3PSI Error
    D4Performance Score
    E5Time to First Byte (ms)
    F6First Contentful Paint Time (ms)
    G7First Contentful Paint Score
    H8Speed Index Time (ms)
    I9Speed Index Score
    J10Largest Contentful Paint Time (ms)
    K11Largest Contentful Paint Score
    L12Time to Interactive (ms)
    M13Time to Interactive Score
    N14First Meaningful Paint Time (ms)
    O15First Meaningful Paint Score
    P16Max Potential First Input Delay (ms)
    Q17Max Potential First Input Delay Score
    R18Total Blocking Time (ms)
    S19Total Blocking Time Score
    T20Cumulative Layout Shift
    U21Cumulative Layout Shift Score
    V22Total Size Savings (Bytes)
    W23Total Time Savings (ms)
    X24Total Requests
    Y25Total Page Size (Bytes)
    Z26HTML Size (Bytes)
    AA27HTML Count
    AB28Image Size (Bytes)
    AC29Image Count
    AD30CSS Size (Bytes)
    AE31CSS Count
    AF32JavaScript Size (Bytes)
    AG33JavaScript Count
    AH34Font Size (Bytes)
    AI35Font Count
    AJ36Media Size (Bytes)
    AK37Media Count
    AL38Other Size (Bytes)
    AM39Other Count
    AN40Third Party Size (Bytes)
    AO41Third Party Count
    AP42Core Web Vitals Assessment
    AQ43CrUX First Contentful Paint Time (ms)
    AR44CrUX First Contentful Paint Category
    AS45CrUX First Input Delay Time (ms)
    AT46CrUX First Input Delay Category
    AU47CrUX Largest Contentful Paint Time (ms)
    AV48CrUX Largest Contentful Paint Category
    AW49CrUX Cumulative Layout Shift
    AX50CrUX Cumulative Layout Shift Category
    AY51Origin Core Web Vitals Assessment
    AZ52CrUX Origin First Contentful Paint Time (ms)
    BA53CrUX Origin First Contentful Paint Category
    BB54CrUX Origin First Input Delay Time (ms)
    BC55CrUX Origin First Input Delay Category
    BD56CrUX Origin Largest Contentful Paint Time (ms)
    BE57CrUX Origin Largest Contentful Paint Category
    BF58CrUX Origin Cumulative Layout Shift
    BG59CrUX Origin Cumulative Layout Shift Category
    BH60Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources Savings (ms)
    BI61Defer Offscreen Images Savings (ms)
    BJ62Defer Offscreen Images Savings (Bytes)
    BK63Efficiently Encode Images Savings (ms)
    BL64Efficiently Encode Images Savings (Bytes)
    BM65Properly Size Images Savings (ms)
    BN66Properly Size Images Savings (Bytes)
    BO67Minify CSS Savings (ms)
    BP68Minify CSS Savings (Bytes)
    BQ69Minify JavaScript Savings (ms)
    BR70Minify JavaScript Savings (Bytes)
    BS71Reduce Unused CSS Savings (ms)
    BT72Reduce Unused CSS Savings (Bytes)
    BU73Reduce Unused JavaScript Savings (ms)
    BV74Reduce Unused JavaScript Savings (Bytes)
    BW75Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats Savings (ms)
    BX76Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats Savings (Bytes)
    BY77Enable Text Compression Savings (ms)
    BZ78Enable Text Compression Savings (Bytes)
    CA79Preconnect to Required Origins Savings (ms)
    CB80Server Response Times (TTFB) (ms)
    CC81Server Response Times (TTFB) Category (ms)
    CD82Multiple Redirects Savings (ms)
    CE83Preload Key Requests Savings (ms)
    CF84Use Video Format for Animated Images Savings (ms)
    CG85Use Video Format for Animated Images Savings (Bytes)
    CH86Total Image Optimization Savings (ms)
    CI87Avoid Serving Legacy JavaScript to Modern Browsers Savings (Bytes)
    CJ88DOM Element Count
    CK89JavaScript Execution Time (ms)
    CL90JavaScript Execution Time Category
    CM91Efficient Cache Policy Savings (Bytes)
    CN92Minimize Main-Thread Work (ms)
    CO93Minimize Main-Thread Work Category
    CP94Text Remains Visible During WebFont Load
    CQ95Image Elements Do Not Have Explicit Width & Height
    CR96Avoid Large Layout Shifts

    I may update this table periodically if the Pagespeed API metrics and diagnostics are updated. Comment below if you have any suggestions.