Technical SEO Services and Consultancy

Highly experienced Technical SEO Consultant available for hire on a freelance basis. Optimising lead-gen, brochure and ecommerce websites to reach their full potential. Looking at all the technical aspects that make a website tick, and evaluating areas that require fixing or improved to improve its ranking performance in Google’s Search Engine results.

Technical SEO Audits

A technical SEO audit uncovers underlying technical issues and highlights additional opportunities for growth.

Website Migrations

Website migrations and Replatforms such as WordPress/WooCommerce, Magento, Demandware, Umbraco, Sitecore and many other platforms.

SEO Recovery

Suffered a downturn in organic search visibility? Get help recovering from algorithm updates, manual penalties and failed migrations.

Fixes & Implementation

Web development support to implement fixes and opportunities highlighted in the auditing process. Technical SEO fixes are provided by an experienced web developer.

International SEO

Ready to expand your business into international territories? Get expert help with setting up and configuring sites using best practices and international SEO techniques.

Technical SEO Services

Ad-hoc and white-label technical SEO services on a freelance basis. No long-term contracts, just honest expert technical SEO consultancy by a highly-experienced professional.

What is Technical SEO? And why it is Important?

Technical SEO is a broad set of processes that ensure your website is compliant with search engine best practices and guidelines so that it can be efficiently crawled and indexed without any hindrance. It is all about improving the performance of your website and boosting the visitor experience. Technical SEO is a complex area of digital marketing as it involves a broad range of activities that are constantly evolving. The demand for faster, feature-rich websites that convert is growing at a phenomenal rate, as are the technologies driving that demand.

Also, technical SEO helps Google understand the topical relevance of your content to users’ search queries, boosting your web pages in more relevant keyword searches. Technical SEO increases organic search visibility that can directly and positively impact your commercial goals, whether that is to increase eCommerce sales, boost lead-gen sign-ups, or increase brand exposure.

Need Technical SEO Help?

Looking for technical SEO help and support? I have created a community forum here on the site. It is an area where I like to share my learnings and expertise with others. Ask your questions and I shall do my best to answer your questions and help you solve your SEO gremlins.

  • Help with solving crawling and indexing issues.
  • Finding structured data and schema opportunities.
  • Advice for recovering from algorithm and manual penalties.
  • Tips for increasing website conversions and sales.
More Details

Website Migrations

Website migrations on well-established websites can be especially tricky. From a technical SEOs perspective, it is practically all technical SEO activities rolled up into a single project. It’s very easy to deviate off-piste that has a knock-on effect further down the line. That knock-on effect is a loss in rankings, website exposure and a loss of revenue. Most businesses with a prominent online presence have probably only gone through 2-3 website migrations and replatforms in the last 10-15 years. The organic search landscape has changed significantly in those years. It is very much more competitive. The point being a downturn in search performance caused by a poorly executed website migration is a gift to your competitors.

Don’t gift your competitors' free traffic. Hire a seasoned professional such as myself who has worked on dozens of website migration, website replatforming and domain migrations.

How much does it cost for a technical SEO Audit?

A full technical SEO audit is £1200. Covering crawling, rendering, indexability, speed & performance. Highlighting opportunities and grading them by impact & complexity.

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can pay invoices by bank transfer (BACS), standing order and cash. Please note – for technical SEO audits, I require 50% payment upfront and the rest payable upon delivery of the audit. For all other work, it is the agreed hourly rate.

Can you help with delivering the technical SEO fixes?

Most businesses that I work with have in-house or 3rd party developer support to deliver on the recommendations and fixes. However, if you do not have developer support, I can help with implementing fixes & recommendations.

Free Technical SEO Consultation

Request a Free Technical SEO Consultation (30 mins). Get in touch today to book in a free Technical SEO Consultation. Over a video call or a telephone call. Send over your briefs today.