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If you are a local business looking to grow your reputation online? Local SEO services could be the answer. Boosting your company’s online search visibility, targeting search terms, services and products that your potential customers are searching for. Leading SEO consultant based in Manchester, with over a decade of hands-on practical experience. I help businesses in Manchester and throughout the UK to generate web traffic that convert into customers. Local SEO Service Manchester, Bury Bolton, Wigan & Stockport.

Link Building & Citations

Building local links are to build relevance for a website towards its locality and increase trust signals. Whereas a citation is a mention of your business name, business address and business telephone.

Local SEO Strategies

A strategy is a set of actionable and effective tasks with the priority of securing high ranking positions in a particular location or region. The results are enhanced online visibility in local searches and growth for your business.

Google my Business

Google my Business sends quality and trust signals to Google allowing you to take advantage of greater visibility in local search results and Google Maps. Potential customers can discover you, call you, visit your website, products and services.

Keyword & Competitor Research

Keyword research is a fundamental SEO task that involves identifying popular keywords and search phrases to populate the landing pages with. Competitor research assesses the strengths and weaknesses of competitor strategies.

Landing Page Creation

Landing pages are created with the purposed of attracting organic traffic and converting that traffic into a lead, enquiry or transaction. Landing Page content needs to be appealing, visitor friendly and conversion focused.

Clear Transparent Reporting

If you are investing in Local SEO, you need to have a clear understanding of how exactly their money is being spent and what results it is truly driving. Clear transparent reporting is key to understanding the broader perspective.

Having a strong local search presence has to be a priority to your business

Studies have shown that over 85% of people use the internet when they need to find a service or product from a local business. It’s quicker and easier for them to use search engines to find what they’re searching for. Once a potential customer has found your business, they are likely to search for trust signals such as reviews and online testimonials from other recent customers.

Without having good local search visibility, your potential customers are going to see your competitors instead of your business. They’re the companies that are already investing in local SEO strategy and that is probably the reason that they are outperforming you in the local search results for the services that your local business provides.

Local SEO is more important than ever nowadays, virtually no one searches for businesses in print media such as local newspapers, Thomson Local and Yellow pages. Even the Yellow pages (Yell) website ranks poorly in Google. That’s because they are a middleman. Google’s goal is to serve its users the fastest way to local services.

Having a strong local search presence has to be a priority to your business. You need to leverage all tactics and marketing channels at your disposal to stay ahead. A strategy covering Local SEO, Google my Business and Social Media is what you need to ensure your site occupies maximum visibility in local search. Staying toe-to-toe and leapfrogging with the competition.

Local businesses need to harness the power of online search to communicate the local relevance of their products or services to attract more business from local customers. Typically, local customers are far more likely to purchase or enquire from your website if they found it using a localised keyword search. Local SEO can make such a difference in attracting and winning new business.

Hopefully, by now we have conveyed to you the importance of Local SEO to reach your marketplace. Given that information, every business should give it serious consideration. Feel free to reach out to me for additional information tailored to your industry. Let's take the next step from there.

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I have been serving local businesses across Greater Manchester to get their message across since 2011. Helping Start-ups, small and medium businesses to gain a foothold and grow their online offerings and promote their services.

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Centrally located in the North West, we provide businesses in Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool, Stockport, Wigan and Bury with Local SEO, content creation and link building services.

Local SEO hourly rate is £50

I can offer face-to-face and video call consultancy for all sectors such as the legal profession, estate agents, builders, plumbers, restaurants and start-up businesses. My hourly rate is £50 per-hour.

Free Technical SEO Consultation

Send me an email or give me a call. We can arrange to meet, where I can explain what I can do for your website and promoting your business online. I will explain through the processes of keyword research, technical onsite optimisation, building landing pages and link building.